We believe that all care experienced people should be given every opportunity to succeed and live their best life beyond care.

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Lucam Retreats’ mission is to empower care experienced people to live their best lives by reaching their true potential

Support What We Do

Why Lucam Retreats

Because your feelings are valid, your choices matter, your voice should be heard…

We asked young people in care what they needed most when they left care, but never got…

They shared their hopes, fears and ideas of what would have made it better for them …

So we leant forward, pinned our ears back and listened, we wrote down lots of ideas, thoughts and we listened some more, and we wrote lots more stuff down – good stuff, really good stuff!

With the help of the people who shared their journey & experiences in care, we put together a yearlong programme – designed to support young people like you.

Lucam Retreats

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Even though you’re busy in the business of being in business, making time to help others at the start of their journey by giving back, is also a gift to you.  The children in care across our community need as many friends as possible, helping to lift them up and realise their true potential.
By giving your time, money or simply spreading the word, we’ll be able to connect with others and make the voice of care experienced people heard throughout our community, helping to ‘make better for all’.
Little actions repeated relentlessly result in ‘BIG CHANGE’ never underestimate the importance of ’small’ multiplied by ‘often’.
Lucam Retreats

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4 Weekly Retreats

Getting away and creating a space between you and your everyday, the overwhelming feelings, too many things fighting for your attention and not enough time or space in which to do them… We created 4 weekly retreats.

Each retreat week, you get the time and space to ‘think, create and explore’ exactly what it is, you’d like to do when you leave care. Our team encourage you along the way, they’re there to listen and engage, to help you plan, whilst supporting you to develop your Core Living Skills.

You’ll get to uncover your very own ‘Super Powers’ whilst developing self confidence, self belief, build resilience, learn effective communication skills whilst finding your own voice.

4 Weekly Retreats

Birthday Fundraiser

When you set-up a Birthday Fundraiser with Lucam Retreats, fear not of stale cake or regifted cosmetics or candles, hands down every pound raised will help us to make a real difference to a care-experienced young persons transition into independent living.

Birthday Fundraiser

Corporate Partnerships (CSR)

Thanks for taking the time to find out how we can work together by developing a mutually-beneficial partnership.

Let’s talk to find out how we can help you and your team play a positive role in the community by supporting care experienced people.

We’re open to one-off fundraising events, employee engagement through mentoring-mentee coaching, apprenticeship opportunities and career talks. We could even arrange a corporate retreat.

Why Lucam Retreats as a Corporate Partner?

Apart from building lasting relationships that create a ‘win-win’ for all involved, our future partnership will transform lives of those most in need across our community.

A feeling that gets stronger as the partnership grows – reasons to become a corporate partner:

  • A sense of pride for you and your team from making better for all
  • Enhanced brand reputation – we’ll do your talking for you, if fact we’ll tell everyone we meet about it, so will the young people we support
  • Helps to build stronger teamworking relationships within your business
Corporate Partnerships

Get Support

If you need support, but don’t know where to turn, Lucam Retreats partners are here for you:

Become Charity

📝 Become Charity care advice line offers help in a variety of ways, from ongoing coaching, helping you in stressful situations, and providing a friendly space to meet other care-experienced young people.

📞 0800 023 2033

💻 becomecharity.org.uk

The Mix

📝 Support for people aged 13 to under 25.

📞 0808 808 4994

💻 themix.org.uk

Shout 85258

📝 By texting the word ‘SHOUT’ to 85258 you will start a conversation with a trained Shout Volunteer.


💻 giveusashout.org

Young Minds

📝 Fighting for young people’s mental health. Whether you want to understand more about how you're feeling and find ways to feel better, or you want to support someone who's struggling, Young Minds can help.

💻 youngminds.org.uk


📝 Online, on the phone, anytime.

📞 0800 1111

💻 childline.org.uk

Youth Access

📝 Championing advice and counselling.

📞 020 8772 9900

💻 youthaccess.org.uk

Get Support